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Since the article below was written: Frank is very slowly beginning to regain some of his sight. No one knows how much he will get back or how long it will last. Frank appreciates everyones support and well wishes. He still has a very long road to recovery and needs extensive treatments and care. We all hope to see Frank back entertaining everyone very soon, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Magician blinded by chemical burns BY MANDY MILES Citizen Staff

It’s the type of story one reads online about something that happened somewhere else to someone’s best friend’s sister’s cousin’s boyfriend. These freak and debilitating accidents don’t happen to people we actually know who live less than a mile away. But on Oct. 10, a household cleaning accident left well-known local bar magician “Magic Frank” Everhart blind. Yes, blind. Legally blind. Both eyes. Perhaps temporarily. Perhaps for a year. Perhaps longer. Everhart was dusting his aging mother’s ceiling fan with a Lysol product that contains hydrogen peroxide. A combination of the Lysol-soaked dust got into both of Everhart’s eyes. He flushed his eyes with water and went to bed, only to awake in the middle of the night with severe burning in both eyes. Everhart was rushed to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, where doctors discovered severe burns on both corneas, the clear, film-like tissue at the front of the eye that covers the colored iris and the pupil. At first it was believed that Everhart would never see again, but doctors now are hopeful that he will recover at least some of his vision, but it will take months, maybe a year, maybe longer, said Everhart’s longtime friend, musician David Goodman. “God, it’s just so hard to fathom,” Goodman said Wednesday while helping to plan a benefit concert for Everhart on Nov. 29 at Schooner Wharf Bar, where Everhart, a Chicago native, has performed his close-up bar magic for 20 years. “As a musician, I could lose my vision and still play, but of all people for this to happen to, it’s just unimaginable.” But, Goodman said, Everhart has maintained his sense of humor throughout the ordeal and is beyond grateful to his friends from all over the world who have contributed whatever monetary amount they can to Magic Frank’s Vision Fund on Part of the proceeds that have been raised are being used for advanced technological treatments that include tissue from a placenta that are hoped will help heal the corneal ulcers from the chemical burns. “And those treatments are $1,000 a pop, so the public has no idea how appreciative Frank is for all their support,” Goodman said. As of Wednesday evening, more than $16,000 had been raised on the Go Fund Me account. The benefit concert will take place Nov. 29 at Schooner Wharf and further details will be forthcoming on Frank Everhart’s Facebook page and on Magic Frank’s Vision Fund page on Go Fund Me. Phone calls and text messages directly to Everhart may not be helpful or advisable at this time as he is undergoing treatment and his voicemail inbox was full as of Wednesday evening.

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